Sunday, February 07, 2010

《In The Flesh》曲目曝光

[SSHikki++消息] Utada現正舉行的巡迴演唱《In The Flesh》,曲目編排現已在網上廣傳。Utada除了演唱她的英語歌曲外,亦演唱了不少「宇多田光」身份的日文歌曲。

On and On
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI
This One (Crying like a Child)
Passion / Sanctuary
Sakura Drops
Stay Gold
Devil Inside
Kremlin Dusk
You Make Me Want to Be a Man
The Bitter End (Placebo cover)
Apple and Cinnamon
Boku wa Kuma
Come Back To Me
First Love
Can You Keep A Secret?
Dirty Desire
- Encore -
Simple and Clean
Me Muero